Company Mission

R– recovery
E– effect
E– ecology
F– function

The general line of business of REEF is a deep research into existing sewage treatment technologies based on recent global achievements, improving and modernizing them.

Careful and professional care for environmental safety, of which a major part is cleanness of water resources, is the main mission of REEF.

01 The company uses only the most advanced design and design documentation preparation systems.
02 REEF carries out the turnkey installation and starting-up and adjustment of equipment it supplies.
03 The company provides reliable technical support even after the end of the warranty period granted.
04 Based on continuous monitoring of functioning of the equipment installed by the company, the specialists of REEF modernize the operation of all systems, thereby steadily increasing their reliability and efficiency.
05 Careful studying of innovative technologies by our personnel, continuous training and professional development of all our employees is one of the main traits of a successful company, which is what REEF has recommended itself to be.

Why clients are choosing us?

For over 15 years
our company has been manufacturing pumping stations, water treatment and accompanying equipment. Over 1200 units of treatment equipment of own manufacture are reliably functioning in many regions of the country and beyond.
The entire line of REEF innovative products
is made of high-quality materials only, following the internationally recognized requirements of ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, and under vigilant control of a special department of the company. It significantly increases client confidence and expands the market for our high quality equipment at the most affordable prices compared to foreign makers.
This is confirmed by long-term production relations
with such customers as RAO (RJSC) UES, OJSC Tatneft, RJSC RZhD, OJSC Salavatnefteorgsintez, OJSC AK Transneft, METRO Cash and Carry supermarkets distribution network, CJSC Corporation GRINN, CJSC Tander (Magnit chain) and many others.

REEF performs the full cycle of production tasks:

  • designing;
  • preparation of design documentation;
  • turnkey equipment manufacturing on our own production base;
  • delivery of all necessary equipment to the customer’s facility;
  • performance of chief installation works and starting-up and adjustment;
  • starting-up start and commissioning;
  • post-warranty service.

We carry out an integrated delivery of the equipment featuring automation systems and complete with accompanying auxiliary units. The company builds factory-assembled buildings for any climatic zones.

A major step in a competent and professional selection of necessary equipment is an on-site visit of our specialists to a customer facility to be estimated, to detail and coordinate the cost of installation and starting-up and adjustment work, with a view to:

  • determine exactly the specifics and possible problems in the formation and channelling-out of drains;
  • develop the flow chart of treatment;
  • make recommendations for the scope of supply of all sewerage systems to the facility;
  • calculate and coordinate the estimated cost of expected works;
  • consult on all accompanying questions: heating, water supply, ventilation.
Designing works

REEF’s design department independently prepares all portfolio of documents for the construction or reconstruction of treatment plants for production, household, rainwater, melt water and water resources for industrial supply.

The projects make use of the whole range of the water treatment equipment made in our production facilities. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the customer’s terms of reference, which is the basis for the development of the detailed process engineering part of the project, including allied parts. Estimates for all necessary works will be made at the request of the client.


REEF has an extensive experience of installation works in any conditions with application of the most reliable and efficient methods of construction and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants and necessary communication lines.

The engineering personnel of the company are highly skilled professionals with specialised education in the field of wastewater treatment plant systems and sewerage. We guarantee that the complex of installation and other necessary works of any complexity will be performed with high quality, reliably and by agreed dates.

REEF does not perform earthworks and other non-core works that are not related directly to the installation of sewer systems.

During the final chief installation and starting-up and adjustment a leading engineer of the company will visit the site who will carry out careful technological and general engineering inspection, and the inspection of quality of the works performed by efforts of the customer itself.

Maintenance service

Maintenance service is given special attention in the REEF association. By purchasing equipment from us, you will be fully protected from any surprises.

But if any problems suddenly occur related to the operation of our equipment, the customer service of the company will immediately come to the rescue of the customer and promptly remedy any malfunction arisen.


Our company warrants the elimination of all malfunctions of the equipment, except for those caused by violations of the rules of operation of a treatment plant.

To avoid possible malfunctions or failure of a treatment plant for a long time, our company provides for mandatory visit of customer service to the facility to make repair of any elements of the plant as fast as possible.

REEF thanks for the interest shown to our business and expresses hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation.