AGRICULTURAL PROCESSING SUPPLY AND SALES CONSUMER COOPERATIVE “EKOPTITSA”. Lipetsk region, Lipetsk region, with. Kuzminskie rejection.

What has been done


The agricultural processing supply and marketing consumer cooperative “EKOPTITSA” was founded in 2010 through the merger of two regional poultry farms. The main activity of the company is the production of broiler chicken meat.

Object: a complex for processing poultry meat with a wastewater volume of 100 m3 / hour.

Task: purification of waste water from the meat-processing complex to the standards of the city collector.

Results of cooperation: as a result of cooperation, our company has selected and delivered to the facility a full range of treatment equipment, in accordance with the technological process and the task of the Customer.

Used equipment complex:

— sump-grease trap TehFat-100 = 1pc.

— decanter centrifuge TehDag = 2 pcs.

— foam flotation unit TehFlo-100 = 1pc.

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