Decanter TehDk-3 — designed to collect flotation sludge and destroy the foam generated during the operation of flotation machines. The approximate residence time of the sludge in the decanter is 45 minutes — the time is sufficient for the foam to self-destruct. The sludge is discharged into a sludge storage tank for further dehydration or directly for disposal, the decanted water is discharged to the head of the treatment plant.

Purpose and principle of operation

The decanter is used in conjunction with pressure flotation units. The foam coming from the skimmer is destroyed and separated into decanted water and sediment (flotation sludge). The sediment is removed from the decanter under gyroscopic pressure through the valve, and the decanted water is returned for further physicochemical treatment

It is possible to manufacture a decanter complete with a screw pump for removal of flotation sludge.

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