Technical Specifications

The product RGS (horizontal steel tank) is a container designed for permanent or temporary storage of liquids (aggressive and neutral) at many industrial facilities, primarily at oil production and refineries.

Purpose and principle of operation

They are also used to distribute the volumes being delivered to consumers; provision is made for metering devices necessary for this purpose.

The RGSs intended for oil products are made to [state standards] GOST 17032-2010 and 34347-2017.

The steel metal used has a thickness of 4 mm or more, depending on the size of the tank being ordered. The bottom is made of a welded workpiece made in advance or separate petals to be fit to each other. A roll-over stand is used to connect all elements of the bottom during electric welding, which completely rules out displacement of parts in relation to each other at the time they are joined.

Corrosion protection and thermal insulation

All steel tanks (TehTank), whether they are in soil or in open air, are exposed to oxygen, water and aggressive substances on an external wall. These factors affect tightness and lead to external corrosion. Therefore, for RGS steel tanks the corrosion protection is crucial that is made according to [code of rules] SP 28.13330.2012 [construction norms and regulations] SNiP 2.03.11-85 in latest edition).

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