Purpose and principle of operation
Modern type oil separators clarify production wastewater from oil-product contamination with a content of up to 120 mg/L.
For higher values specialist will develop a scheme specifically for a given enterprise. But it is extremely undesirable to use the equipment without the procedure of deposition in the catchers of sand sediments.
To select the model and type there will be estimated the volume and quantity of wastewater, as the procedure of clarification is as follows: wastewater flows in the sedimentation chamber, then, after passing through the chamber with coalescing filter, is clarified with sorption filters. Firstly, there will be separated sand, clay, and other large objects, then small particles of oil products will be aggregated into larger particles. At this stage, an oil film will form on the surface of wastewater. All waste fluid will pass the treatment system with the aid of gravity, which releases operators from monitoring the process.
However, the sediment unit of the TehOil oil separator alone is often not enough as an individual stage of a treatment system.
Correctly selected oil separators generally offer high treatment performance, remove all pollutants dangerous to humans and environment in general.
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