Purpose and principle of operation

Car washes are especially popular recently as a quite simple and profitable business for entrepreneurs. However, their owners should be mindful that there is in force a number of strict legislative requirements and standards to the environmental safety of such facilities. It is due to the fact that there are car detergents, sand, oil products and other harmful contaminants inevitably present in the car wash wastewater.

Operating principle

The water clarified of heavy particles is conveyed by the TehWash flotation and filtration pump suction unit to the flotation tank, where air bubbles and air globules will be formed. On exit, the effluent is divided: up to 10% flows with foam to the decanter, while the lower heavy clarified portion flows to the filtration system. The foamy layer is detained in the decanter and settles for about an hour until the foam self-destructs. Then the water flow returns to the sand trap and is gradually removed through the sludge gate.

The preliminarily clarified water is brought to necessary technological standards with the filter and is discharged to dedicated tanks. After that it can be used in the car wash. The filter is backwashed by means of the wash water release valve. Frequent backwashing of filters will ensure their longer service life.

Tailor-made modular car washes from REEF

A household version of a modular car wash — the TehWash mini-wash is in demand with owners of private houses. At a personal plot this equipment simplifies life and household efforts by many times. Using additional nozzles of the mini-wash one can wash a fence, a walkway to the house, a gate, a roof, a terrace, clear agricultural machinery, or roof drain pipes.

When choosing and purchasing TehWash washes you should consider how often the device will be used and what kind of contaminants you plan to treat with it. Depending on actual needs of a customer, an optimum model of necessary capacity, with the required functionality and set of nozzles will be chosen and delivered.

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