Sand traps of wastewater treatment stations

Purpose and principle of operation
The elimination of particles of sand, clay, soil, and other solids from wastewater masses is the job of specialized plants which received the name of sand traps or sand catchers.
The sand catching system of storm drain is a mandatory stage of water disposal. It removes heavy solid inclusions, clarifies water masses during filling of a well, does not allow a liquid to freeze. Besides, it significantly facilitates the separation of mineral pollutants at the initial stage, which improves operation of the whole treatment complex.
Car washes on covered parking lots also require the availability of sand traps that will not allow a pipeline to get clogged and will stabilize the operation of all sewerage.
The TehSand sand trap for car washes will be selected with regard to the throughput of the water flow system. To avoid destruction of sand catching set-up it is inadmissible to exceed design loading. When these rules are complied with, TehSand will do the quality catching of sand, silt, all suspended and floating substances.
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