Sludge dewatering filter bags

Technical Specifications

The process of cleaning waste masses, sludge, sludge to separate all possible solid elements in industrial and domestic sewage treatment systems requires the use of filter bags. With their help, the sludge is dewatered, and all solid impurities are transferred for further processing or disposal.

Purpose and principle of operation

They detain up to 99% of solid particles from wastewater mass and significantly dewater septic tank sludge.

The treatment has the following scheme:

  • The polluted water bearing wet sludge and undissolved particles enters into the filter through the holes, the sludge dewatering bag being filled through the wide filler.
  • High pressure pushes out liquid through cells of nonwoven filter cloth. All small solid pollutants and now dry sludge remain inside.
  • The clarified useful water is carried for production or economic needs. Liquid wastewater is conveyed for subsequent treatment or disposed in soil (all depends on type and degree of pollution).
  • The sludge which remained inside the accumulates and is subjected to disposal along with the filter.
  • The filtering media is disposable is replaced right after filling. After expiry of service life the filter often retains its properties — it depends on the quantity of solid particles in the liquid to be treated and the type of wastewater pollutants.

The sediment filter bag is used for the treatment of wastewater flows of industrial enterprises or residential buildings. It is also installed in the working scheme of household, stormwater sewer system and in the treatment equipment of production facilities.

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