An averaging tank is a special equipment in which the hourly irregularities in the flow of the flow are smoothed, and the quality characteristics of the flow are averaged. In order to avoid precipitation and reduce putrefactive odor in the homogenizer, we use a system of mixing waste water by means of mixers.

Purpose and principle of operation

Initially, the wastewater is pre-treated on TehGrid mechanical auger screens, which capture all large inclusions of contaminated wastewater. The presence of baskets is provided for the accumulation of especially large debris when the pipeline is supplied to the grate.

At the second stage, in the TehFat grease separator, the waste mass is cleaned of non-emulsified fats and oils. Floated fats are removed by a special scraper mechanism, sent to a container and taken out for disposal. And the sludge gets into the sludge storage tank.

After the grease settler, the wastewater goes to the TehTank for hydraulic mixing. It is carried out using mixers and pumps.

Thanks to this scheme, the efficiency and correctness of the selection of further physicochemical and biological treatment increases.

The volume of the averager is specified during the design process when the schedule for the flow of flow is provided by the hour.

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