Wastewater biological treatment station (BIO)

Technical Specifications
A deep biological treatment plant is required by enterprises in many fields of activity in order to carry out the maximum and thorough treatment of wastewater. Modern complexes for biological wastewater treatment, equipped with emergency mechanisms, practically eliminate the risk of discharging hazardous substances and quickly pay off.
Purpose and principle of operation

Companies in many fields of activity need to purchase and install a modern biological high treatment station to carry out maximum and thorough clarification of wastewater.

Modern wastewater biotreatment plants equipped with emergency mechanisms virtually exclude the risk of dumping dangerous substances and pay off quickly. Besides, this will relieve companies of penalties and fines for non-compliant waste discharges.

The REEF company’s BIO-M2 equipment has a flow capacity of up to 100 cu. m of wastewater a day. On request of the customer the biotreatment plant can be additionally completed with a technical floor, a sand trap, silt dehydration and chemical feed units.

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